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Why take a Daintree Tour instead of Self Drive?

June 19th, 2019

This question is often asked by travellers to our beautiful destination. Why should they pay $190 per person to go on a tour they can simply drive themselves in the car they have already spent money on to hire?

The answer is pretty simple – the Daintree is so much better on a tour!

Let us share with you why this is so.

 1. The Guide

Whose family is lucky enough to have a highly trained rainforest ecologist who spends 40+ hours a week exploring the Daintree on holidays with them?


Our guides know where the Daintree hides her secrets. We know where the cassowaries chill, the peppermint insects hang, the Boyd’s Dragons kick back, the location of that Hope cycad that only grows 1cm every 100 years.

We know her history too – how the Kuku Yalanji survived in a world of venomous animals, toxic plants and constant rain; how lucky Captain James Cook really was to have encountered his ‘tribulations’ when and where he did.

An intimate guided tour is to truly explore the Daintree, to lose yourself in the world’s oldest rainforest and for a lot of our travellers, the BEST day of their FNQ holiday.

2. Take in the scenery – this is rubber-necking territory

The drive through the Daintree Rainforest is arguably one of the most scenic rainforest drives you will ever take.


There are some parts where you can literally touch the rainforest from your car window. It envelopes you in a big green hug.

There are ancient trees, roadside waterfalls, weird and wacky looking animals to spot – and you do not want to miss one thing because you are the driver and have to keep your eyes on the road.

3. Be taken to the REAL best spots and beat the crowds

You know when a visitor asks you the best spots to visit and the people that live there show them the same walks and swimming holes… you know what we’re talking about 😉

The Daintree is so beautiful, everything is the best – but to beat the crowds you need to be with an experienced guide who truly know the best spots that day – the rainforest moves her secrets daily, she is a capricious lady.

Priority is given to tour companies, whether it be taking the bus for the Mossman Gorge, the Daintree River ferry, a river cruise or grabbing a cup of the best ice cream in the world, joining a tour gives your guest the VIP line jumping feeling.

4. It’s worth the cost!

For the majority of visitors to FNQ this is their first and more than likely last visit here. When will they have the opportunity to explore the world’s oldest rainforest again?

We can’t take money with us, but we leave memories of amazing and special moments shared with those we love.