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Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation, Mossman Gorge and More!

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Comments courtesy of our guests…

Blooming Fantastic Tour!

I had no idea that a trip to the Rain Forest could be the highlight of my Australian vacation. I think in some part because of the fantastic beauty of the region but largely due to the proprietor of this tour, Dave. His knowledge, personality, patience and passion for the subject matter made it a day my family and I will always remember. I COULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS TOUR MORE. A TRULY MEMORABLE DAY WORTHY OF YOUR TIME. 6 Stars on a 5 Star measure. GO GO GO!

Alan Saxe

Don’t bother with another – best tour and guide EVER!!!

Take a tour of the Daintree while up here in Port Douglas, and when you do, go with Daintree Wonder Tours. Our guide went above and beyond and made it a truly amazing experience. I felt we lucked out by choosing this company for a tour that takes to you all of the popular spots Рbut without being there at the same time as all of the other crowds, it was really special and perfectly timed! It was a wonderful day, but made so much better with the personalized touches our guide.

  1. We got to the popular places before they were crowded, it felt like we had the Mossman gorge to ourselves, which was great as we started to see the loads of other tour groups come.
  2. Cape Tribulation is amazing; the spread that was¬†laid out for us of coffee & canapes was equally so. Again, perfect timing as it wasn’t too crowded but is a popular spot that all the tours go to.
  3. Our guide was just awesome, and very knowledgeable. He taught us about the history and what we were going to see both while on the ride up and at the various destinations. It made for great conversations and was very interactive.
  4. The tour group size was perfect. There were 10 of us, and we all got to know each other pretty well and enjoy each others company. We saw other larger tour groups with 20+ people in a bus, which would be really crowded, whereas we had a very personalized tour.?
  5. The lunch spot was good with a choice of fish/meat/vegetarian plate with a buffet of sides, and you could take a dip in the swimming hole if so inclined.

I looked at all the brochures and most of the tour companies take you to the same places, but I can’t tell you enough how special your experience will be when it’s in a smaller group, with a perfectly timed schedule, and with a tour guide who truly cares and goes above and beyond.


It was a real privilege to have Dave guide us…

Dave was our go-to guide for the BBC series Great Barrier Reef. He found us some incredible locations in the Jungle, mangroves and beaches on the coast north of Port Douglas – without his in depth knowledge some of our sequences just wouldn’t have been possible.

It was a real privilege to have Dave guide us around on days out – finding magical swimming holes, dramatic prehistoric jungle and deserted beaches. It wasn’t just his knowledge of the place but his in depth understanding of the ecosystem and some great local stories to keep everyone entertained.

James Brickell (Producer, BBC Natural History Unit).


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dave and the day he planned in the rainforest. He is extremely personable and relaxed, yet full of knowledge about whatever strikes a chord of interest with the group, be it about the rainforest, the sugar cane crops along the way, or tidbits about Australian history, traditions, and culture. We went to all the ‘must see’ locations along with some other great spots that few other guides were bringing their guests, and Dave kept us one or two steps ahead of the bus loads which arrived from Cairns, so we had most of the locations pretty much to ourselves to really take it all in. There was plenty of time not only to learn about the different spots that we stopped, but also to enjoy them (e.g. walk along the beach at Cape Trib, etc …) and to take pictures. I never felt rushed and was also never bored. Coffee and morning snacks at the Cape Trib beach were Australian treats, were freshly baked, and delicious! Lunch was gracious and in a beautiful location, with its own rainforest setting to enjoy. Ice cream stop and crocodile cruise are “must do’s” so of course Dave planned them. The transportation was brand new and comfortable. Daintree Wonder Tours really made an effort to tend to the details, which makes all the difference. Dave even went out of his way to drop my binoculars off at my hotel the next day as I had left them in the van. It was a truly memorable day! I cannot recommend Daintree Wonder Tours more highly. Thank you Dave!