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Our Business Supports The Reef!

October 4th, 2017

Daintree Wonder Tours is very proud to have joined Great Barrier Reef Legacy as a Small Business Champion. We not only gift some of our profits to this organization but also offer in-kind support (spaces on board our tour for them to use during fundraising events).

Great Barrier Reef Legacy is a not for profit that aims to change the reef is understood and protected by operating the reef’s only independent research vessel. Their expedition ship will serve as:

  • A floating laboratory
  • Interactive classroom
  • Multimedia hub to communicate directly with the public
  • Platform of collaboration¬†for other NGOs, institutions and citizen scientists

The reef and rainforest are intimately connected and the health of one has direct and indirect effects on the other. It is important that we take action to safeguard these natural resources so that we can ensure their survival for future generations.

For more on this wonderful charity visit: www.reeflegacy.org or visit their facebook page